Your App Know When Your Data Breach

July 1, 2019

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A security vulnerability in some of the most popular messaging applications like Facebook, WhatsApp have reportedly sanctioned hackers to gain access to user’s smartphone’s data — like private messages and documents — as well as the bank details , all through a cyber-attack.

Recent reports show that a malware was designed to gain access to user’s personal information stored on their smartphones, by an Israeli cyber security firm NSO Group. No doubt, the group denied all the allegations.

Here, in this article we will talk about the important of knowing your app, especially when there is a data breach. This will help in understanding the basics of data security and how our personal data can be protected.

Almost every day, new malware’s are discovered stealing the login credentials of various messaging application users. This compromise of private data from a large number of user accounts makes Signal-the private messaging application, the need of the hour.

There is always a new stream of malware’s being developed every single day that can easily damage your online reputation in the digital universe.

At the same time, options like Signal, is the security pro in safeguarding user’s private information.

Those who are not Signal users yet are vulnerable to various malware. Most smartphone users can, therefore, communicate easily.

A lot of Users are acutely aware of the data breaches that takes place on various popular platforms, as they are now switching to secure, end-to-end encrypted platforms, like Signal thinking about the protections that the application puts everything in place to prevent any kind of cyber-attack. Securing the data on your phone provides increased flexibility, without worrying about your privacy getting attacked. Talking of the world outside Signal’s data security isn’t always so safe.

Facebook coming under the radar in the past for handing over data to third party advertisers, brought a big swirl in the world of data privacy, making people more aware of the situation.

With this being the case, the platform of Facebook facilitated the data collection of about its users and its access given to third parties, becoming a big matter of concern.

It goes without saying that we all need to be careful with using applications like Facebook – and perhaps think of using an option that is completely secure and private.

And it really is the time for people to start thinking or rather acting it about deleting their accounts on Facebook.

If you are not planning on deleting it anytime soon, be careful of what you post as it gives the food for attacks by cyber criminals. Trust me! Facebook really isn’t going to be secure site. This is the reason, it’s time to switch to something secure like Signal-offering end-to-end encryption and several other data security features.


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