Why You Need Signal in Mobile Apps and How Signal App Takes it Up A Notch

July 26, 2019

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We live in a generation where smartphone is the most critical gadget that we own. All the emails, bank details, financial data, instant messages, pictures and videos are stored on the mobile phone. Well, all this contributes to sensitive data, which, if unfortunately falls into wrong hands, can very easily be misused. Cyber Attacks on data privacy and the vulnerabilities of digital breaching along with data theft are very common these days, be it from proficient hacker or the interference if government officials that can intrude your smartphone.

These privacy threats are the most pertinent to applications like instant messenger, since a majority of our information exchange and communications with friends, family, and office colleagues takes place through it- including applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and more. But the question is, are these platforms keeping our data safe?

The need for encryption

To put it out there, simply, encryption is a sure-shot method to protect our data privacy. Yes, this methods of encryption where data gets scrambled in a manner that nobody, except its intended recipient and sender of the message, can intercept or gain access to the message content. However, this is not the complete solution, as any third-party user with the adequate set of software, can decrypt the message. This is where end-to-end encryption comes into play. Yes, the process of end-to-end encryption simply adds an extra layer of data security, making it even harder to be interfered on.

So which one to go for?

Signal, by Open Whisper Systems, offers effective end-to- end encryption. This allows you to share the messages that also gets self-destructed after a set time period. What is more to it? Well, the list has just begun, as the application also has provides encrypted audio and video calls. The high quality standards, allow you to configure the application password along with preventing any sort of data theft by disabling the screenshot option of the chat window.

Whisper Systems produced Signal as a descendant to 2 separate applications primarily dedicated to encrypted texting and encrypted voice calling.

Data Encryption has always been amongst the core values of the company’s produces. During the Twitter acquisition in the year 2011, the main goal was the improvement of data security protection of user’s private information.

The application of Signal is absolutely free and open source, meaning that it is available for any tech user to inspect its security, boating how great of an app, Signal is!

Do you know that Signal is used by popular figures in the industry of data privacy and cyber security, such as Whistle blower Edward Snow den and Bruce Schneider. The prime reason behind it is that Signal offers end-to-end encryption to all the communication by default. And, yes other popular messaging platforms, you know who! Are adopting the security protocol of Signal, trying to make their communications secure. But you know which one is the best right?

The application also received an investment of $50 million from the Whats App co-founder Brian Acton to supporting, non-profit Signal Foundation, whose mission is to make the communications private.

The application of Signal is highly recommended  to be termed as secure messaging recommendation since it is absolutely free, works on every platform, and its developers are devoted to keep the app simple and effective by not including any third-party ads, stickers, web-tracking, or animated emoji.


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