Why data privacy will be a new trend in 2019?

December 26, 2018

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Over the year 2018, the cyber security and technology industry have withstood some remarkable ups and downs concerning conspicuous data hacks and breaches, and major vulnerabilities. Data Security and privacy remains a big concern, and 2019 will see a new trend in data privacy industry, seeking ways to expand more on major breakthroughs in order to cope with various data security issues arising from it.

In the current IT space, we have witnessed some of the biggest events in data security, shaping to be more prominent and popular in 2019. The year is clearly a breakthrough for encrypted email, messages and other communication services. More and more advancements will take place in the genre of data privacy, where people will be much more aware and active for their concern of data privacy.

While data attacks, and IoT (internet of things) security remained to be of central importance in cyber security, 2018 saw a gigantic prominence on data privacy- Well! All thanks to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into action on May 25, 2018.

Expect data privacy to remain of utmost priority in the year 2019, as per cyber security professionals, as further protocols have been passed in different states and other nations, and longstanding cyber security issues have appeared to be reshaped by those prying eyes.

Data Privacy will continue lingering on its evolution of cyber security. Security breaches and privacy-related incidents aren’t going away just because of GDPR and other laws, so expect a standard of constant privacy to become the new normal and for compliance to be a continuous exercise that requires the same focus, vigilance, and taxes.

If companies want to move ahead of the hackers, third-party users, government officials, the only option is to integrate data privacy compliance into the business procedures, especially when consumers are more aware about data privacy and security.

“In 2019, consumers will be more aware about better understanding of the mechanisms and the rights, such as GDPR that has been made for managing and protecting user’s data.  With that said, consumers are becoming more active and engaging in controlling their data privacy concern, like sharing lesser information, unsubscribing digital communications, and adapting measures to restrict companies from sharing their private data from marketers.

In 2019, we will witness a rise in data malwares, and how big of an impact it can cause all together on user’s data.

As data attacks becomes a service to government’s mass surveillance, it can lead to greater destructive attacks, allowing cyber attackers to grow beyond hacking and cyber criminals into terrorist groups.

“From data integrity attacks killing computers as mandatory hardware replacing it with leveraging new technologies for assaults, and others taking unauthorized advantage. Also, 2019 will be the year, where small companies take a step forward in making efforts for cyber security. This new approach should bring a gigantic impact on the entire supply chain. If small businesses will be more serious about data security, it would be much more difficult for data hackers to target our private data and make a backdoor entry into large-scale enterprises.


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