WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption will deteriorate with Facebook Incorporation

April 10, 2019

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WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption – for the sake of clients’ security – may go to a hurl with Facebook incorporation, where Instagram and Messenger are not that secure. As indicated to offer start to finish protection though data encryption is just another extra pile of hitches for Facebook.

WhatsApp messages as of now offers End-to-End Encryption. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger provides the concept of encryption through turning on the option of Secret Conversations. Currently Instagram do not offers any sort of data encryption for its users.

The issue is that only WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption. So the integration with Facebook will permit the cross-application breaches, and at that point would be a big threat for user’s data.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum quit Facebook over his difference with Mark Zuckerberg regarding the take on data protection and end-to-end encryption. Koum walked out due to the confliction with Facebook, over dominant administration’s system and Facebook’s undertakings for utilizing its user’s data while enervating its data encryption.

Even Brian Acton who started WhatsApp with Jan Koum, quit Facebook in the year 2017.

The NY Times explained how Facebook intends to integrate visits inside Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

“Facebook being in the early phases of regulating the informing phases, is a move that could be a great threat to user’s data.

When Facebook made it certain to add WhatsApp to their Family, the European Union only approved this deal after making it quite clear that both the companies, and their user’s data, would remain separate. Of course, with so many controversies concerning data privacy, Facebook conformed the merger. This policy lasted for at least two years, when dated 25 August 2016 WhatsApp updated its Privacy Policy to enable the sharing of user’s data from WhatsApp to Facebook. As per its FAQs:

“We plan to share some information with Facebook and the Facebook family of companies. Some of the user’s account information with Facebook and the Facebook family of companies, like the phone number you verified when you registered with WhatsApp, as well as the last time you used our service.”

With their weasel words, Facebook also assured that none of the user’s data will be made publicly visible on their social network. Or rather, it will be concealed under the user’s inaccessible profile. There will also be a feature of turning off data sharing in the settings option. Not surprisingly, vexing to all the data privacy advocates, the option of data sharing was by default turned on, necessitating every single user of WhatsApp over its billion users for manually heading to settings for turning the feature off manually.

With nothing being clear about WhatsApp service of collecting user’s data for ads. It is a reasonable stance that Facebook Integration will undoubtedly weaken the concept of data encryption—a move that is nothing new for the social network character, considering Facebook’s complete business model centers on targeted advertising revolving around user’s personal data.

Yes! It’s time to wake up. If you are careful enough about your data privacy, now is the time to delete Facebook, accompanied by ditching WhatsApp. If you are looking for a secure option, consider using Signal, which is a more secure, end-to, end encrypted messaging application for communicating with different users.


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