What is Data Privacy? How much is your data worth?

August 17, 2019

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The data breaches, have vaulted great concerns over user data protection. Several laws are now being made with reference to data security in in the United States, along with different parts of the world. This is important to protect user’s data privacy. Here in this article we will talk about data privacy and how worthy it is to take an action.

Looking at the current scenario, it can be easily determined how the situation is far from being optimal: to be honest it is the People and not the companies, that should have the right to their personal data, and no company, should have the power to sell it.

The understanding of communications depends not merely on the data it contains, but also how it being shared so that no governments or any third-party company can make intrusion to gain access of it.

This is quite evident when China planned on its social credit system. The government of China plans to make use of trustworthy ratings and national databases for regulating the behavior of the Chinese citizens.

Its true, that Google, Facebook and Amazon makes use of surveillance capitalism for predicting user’s data in order to tune or herd their user’s behavior for more profitable outcomes.

Revelations of 2014 explains how Facebook conducted an experiment with the feed to influence its user’s emotional state ending in a public outcry. Although, this revelation made absolutely sure how these digital platforms, make use of user’s data for keeping them engaged along with processing, and generating more data.

Data privacy is very much about the technology’s ability for shaping the user’s personal life, while safeguarding their data at the same time.

The New proposed legislation by the U.S. senators, Josh Hawley and Mark R. Warner seeks to protect data privacy by imposing the tech companies to expose the “true value” of data to its users.

Specially, companies with greater than 100 million users are mandated to provide the users with an valuation of the true financial value of the data, along with revealing the actual revenue generated by collecting, obtaining, selling, processing, using or sharing of user’s data.”

Also, the users would now have the right to delete the data from a company’s database. While discovering all the political and ethical implications of big data and different digital platforms. But the question is, is it enough for safeguarding user’s data?

Different companies even though are offering free services, but in reality, the company is exchanging your personal information on behalf of it. After which, the data, is then used for selling the targeted ads, or is sold again for further profit. Once you handover your private data, it is then re-sold or mined, that finally ends up in the large database of personal data.

Data brokers make dollars by selling the personal data of users compiled in various comprehensive lists or database to different marketers, fundraisers or non-profits. After this stage the data is not personal anymore, but collected for some type of typical profile data collection.


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