We Care More About Your Privacy Than You Think – Signal App

June 17, 2019

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Privacy is possible. Signal makes it easy.

It’s true that there is no scarcity of messaging applications out there, as almost every third day you hear of a messaging application. But the question is, which one should you use? If are concerned about your data privacy, you definitely would want something that encrypts your end-to-end communications. This feature as a whole cuts down the option to only a few, out of which you need to pick the most secure and private.

Here in this article, we will evaluate the different facets of secure messaging applications finding out the best one for you from a privacy point of view because We Care More About Your Privacy Than You Think. Signal Application makes use of the most secure messaging protocol crafted by its developer- Open Whisper Systems.

Even though a lot of other applications are using Signal’s data privacy protocol, but they differ on various grounds including data encryption, the metadata being collected, and the information being stored.

With Signal, the communications are instantly, free while avoiding the SMS fees, creating groups for chatting in real-time with your friends, family or office colleagues, sharing the media and other files with 100% privacy. Signal’s server never holds any access to the user’s communication or never stores any data.

Signal makes use of  an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol providing 100% privacy for all its communications every time the message is sent.

First and foremost, Signal holds an upper hand out of all the other messaging applications present out there, as it secure, free and open source. The applications code is openly available for tech experts to check for any flaws or issues in its claim of data security. Another hit thing about Signal is that it is unique with its data privacy business model: yes! This makes it standout from other pre-existing messaging applications. In bluntly contrasting to Facebook and Google, making money through selling advertisements to third party companies, Open Whisper Systems is a big supporter of donations and grants.

With no third-party applications, Signal focuses on storing as little user’s data as possible. The privacy policy is crisp, short and concise. Unlike WhatsApp, the most private messenger do not stores any messaging metadata. Even if you back up the phone to your iCloud or Google account, Signal do not include any of these messages in the backup.

Downloaded Signal yet? If no, then do it right now. Every data stored on Signal’s server is encrypted and secure, making it pretty much one of the best messaging application you could imagine to use trying to share secure communications.”


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