Top Reasons Why Signal is better than WhatsApp

April 29, 2019

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Where people loves to connect with friends on various social media platforms on a daily basis, a lot of messaging applications, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Signal exist to facilitate the best social-platforms to add some spice to your life. Having different free messaging apps without a doubt escalates the battery drainage of the smartphone along with the inconvenience and excessive time consumption for handling every single one of them. Talking of the solution to all these problems, be it sharing an official Document to your office colleagues or sending a text or voice message to connect with your friends, here in this article we will discuss the top few reasons why Signal is better than WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

Yes, you heard it right Signal is one of the best cross-platform instant messaging service, when compared to any other application.

Signal Vs WhatsApp

In an age of end-to end encrypted communications, options like Signal, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger offer different encryption options, but the best part about it is that Signal is one such application that protects all the chats and calls with end-to-end encryption. On the contrary, WhatsApp cannot access user’s calls or messages but it has the power to monitor any user’s daily activities.

Analyzing the privacy and security features of Signal, the platforms have a strong security system with no third party breach while Signal’s privacy is anytime better in comparison to WhatsApp. The main reason behind this is that WhatsApp being owned by Facebook is well-known for its collection of user’s data, for utilizing it for different third-party ads based on user’s likes and interests. Even though all the WhatsApp chats are encrypted, user’s data can still be easily collected it. It may include data like how often you talk to a person, and the time at which you switch to WhatsApp.

Apart from various security concerns, making you confused between Signal and WhatsApp it is important to keep in mind that Signal is open source and can be easily inspected and audited by any tech expert which is a wonderful method to have it peer- reviewed from a security view point thus creating a more reliable foundation of information .

Another reason for switching to Signal is that it is very popular for various security concerns.  There have been a recent news about WhatsApp collaborated with Signal’s  Open Whisper System that is acknowledged to integrate end-to-end encryption for WhatsApp, showing that Signal is so perfect as a security app that even  WhatsApp partnered with it.

One last thing in the discussion about Signal vs WhatsApp is that Signal makes the most amazing application than any other cross-platform app, as its text and call conversations are fully encrypted and has been characterized as Open Source system so as to inspect any doubtful activity while other applications like WhatsApp do not have any open-source feasibility, meaning that there is no choice of   tracking the contacts details, GPS location, log in alerts,  or any other detail about the user.


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