The very best private messaging app of 2019

April 12, 2019

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The explosion of messaging applications across smart devices enables us to can keep in touch with masses at once, right from family and friends to colleagues and clients, even if they are located nations apart. But ensuring the security of our personal data and to keep the conversations private, it is the need of the hour to switch to the very best private messaging app of 2019.

Some of the very best private messaging apps offer end-to-end encryption – or to put it our simply, the messages are scrambled in a way that only the intended sender and the recipient can understand the communication being conveyed.

Here in this article we will talk about the very best private messaging app of 2019, with one of the messaging services to help you stay safe online. Data Encryption primarily means that if someone hacks your messaging app’s server, or gain access to your conversations (all thanks to the poorly secured platforms), they won’t be capable of interpreting the messages.

Signal is the gold standard of encrypted messaging

  • Open source
  • Supports automatic disappearing messages
  • Industry-leading data encryption
  • Sparse interface

Signal is popularly regarded as the most private encrypted messaging application. The application’s encryption engine being open source, available for any tech savvy to inspect, doesn’t mean that it is too easy to hack.

Besides the best data encryption offered, the application itself is simple and absolutely free in terms of being the perfect choice of internet users. It supports encrypted group chats, as well as secure sharing of files in addition to messages. Signal keeps you pretty well covered regarding all the data security needs no matter what.

Signal is the best choice to replace the default messaging application as it is regarded as the gold standard for data security and the conventional SMS texts are not encrypted – both the sender and the receiver need to have Signal in order to enjoy full security for data encryption to work properly.

The encrypted messaging application also offers several other important features along with top concern about data security, like video calling, disappearing messages that gets automatically vanished after a set time period (ideal for those communications you don’t want to get saved or stay on record).

Data Privacy have shared its most challenging years to date with over millions of concerns over online security, but now is the time for end-to end encryption, complete data security. Yes it’s time for Signal- the very best private messaging app of 2019!

Data breaches like Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the constant stream of online abuse and harassment stories have completely turned the table for internet greater than ever before.

To a great extent, these growing concerns and incidents have led to a big change in what ways we use internet now. One of the biggest boost in these recent years has been in the usage of more secured messaging apps. It gives a feeling that we have crossed the pivotal moment, where everything was shared freely, and wide open to a much more private platform, where the communication remains only between the sender and the intended recipient.

Want a secure messaging option or services to communicate with? We have picked the very best private messaging app of 2019 to protect your from all sorts of data breaches.


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