The Guardian of Data Privacy – Signal App

July 23, 2019

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Whether mitigating the vigorous data privacy concerns or the protection of communications on the principle, for different industries, Signal is your go-to secure messaging application. Here in this article, we will talk about the different facets of private and encrypted messaging, and why Signal is the best option to consider for secure communications.

When it comes to chatting or calling someone over different communications, there is Signal- the private application with different-featured options to offer complete data security. Using secure options, like Signal, makes sure that the governments or any third party company cannot peek into your private messages.

One of the most private and secure messaging applications is Signal, the end-to-end encrypted solution, making it quite popular, as personalities like Edward Snowden use it too. People, who are actually concerned about safeguarding their private data, are well aware of the fact, Signal is the best in the business.  Honestly speaking, Signal is the guardian of Data Privacy.

Signal is available on both Android and iOS devices along with being available on desktop PCs, makes use of data for all the communications, and, the best part- unlike other end-to-end encrypted messaging applications, is completely free. The application and the encryption technology primarily keeps the messages private and is open source.

Even the tech community recommends Signal to be entitled as a secure messaging application for years. Do you know that the Electronic Frontier Foundation uses Signal guide on its Surveillance Self-Defense tools page.

Open Whisper Systems (OWS), the company behind Signal- secure messenger, shares the encrypted technology of Signal with other popular messaging services, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Google, but most of these names are still not as secure as Signal itself.

How can we not talk about the various controversies, like Facebook having a commercial incentive for the collection and selling of data? As the Western government pressures the tech companies for creating the encryption-circumventing backdoor entry granting the law enforcement access to personal calls and messages of users, Open Whisper Systems has remained the steadfast in the pledge for collecting the least data possible as has designed the Signal’s network following this ideal, keeping the information safe and storing only local data on the user’s device.

Even after data attacks happening almost every day, Signal’s cutting-edge security and its robust nature of the open-source development have earned praises from all. So after knowing the various most benefits of Signal, what are you waiting for?

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