Signal: How to make the most out of one of the most secure messaging apps

April 25, 2019

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There are different messaging applications available, offering tons of features. But are these messaging apps secure?

The big issue is that not every single app which is popular is secure. If for any chat platform the government want to eavesdrop on the user’s personal conversations, it easily can. But all thanks to security protector Edward Snowden, who eventually made us realize how scant privacy we own online

After this revelation, there have been some amazing advancements in the messaging applications, making it difficult for any third-party intruder to access the private conversations. Among them, Signal is the popular, heavily encrypted messaging application, available to recuse all your smartphone communications.

Signal, formerly known as RedPhone, is the darling of online data security and is being popularly noticed among the masses.

Enjoy secure voice and video calls

Signal is a provider of end-to-end encryption for all the instant messages, voice calls, video calls, with its individual data security protocol by default. The Protocol is perhaps the utmost secured messaging protocol ever been developed—as it integrates Double Ratchet algorithm, the Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman (X3DH) key agreement protocol, Sesame, and AES-256 for the management of data encryption across various devices.

Signal’s technology is completely open-source, meaning the security features can be easily vouched for and has also been adopted by some very popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Skype and more.

Provide for your phones basic security

With Signal, you get the option of adding the additional screen lock PIN to the application, along with the usual phone lock PIN. You can use Touch ID for opening Signal but it is not highly recommended.

For adding the lock PIN to Signal, go to the Settings button–>Privacy. Then, Scroll down to the “Screen Lock” to move the toggle and turn it on.

Hide Signal notifications on your lock screen

If the application is locked down, and then messages start popping up on the locked screen. Doesn’t it seems bit ironic? Well, this thing gives it all away, when it comes to ultimate aim of security, Right?

So to deal with this, the user gets the facility of tailoring the notifications, where you can only see the name of the message, instead of the complete message on the screen. The most preferred option is the notification which simply says “New Message”, that’s it.

In the application Settings, go to Notifications option and then select the “Notification Content”, and your work is done.

Have a policy for automatically deleting your messages

Signal also enables you to secure the application with password to protect the messages from falling into wrong hands. Also, there is an option of setting a time limit for the duration you want the messages to be visible in the chat.

All you need to do is to provide your phone number to use Signal. While you can also get around using the application, using a “burner” SIM card or handset.

Another great feature, is that it is not necessary to run the application on the same phone, with the number it was initially registered with.

Even though there are ample of messengers to pick from, Signal is probably the best choice, in terms of its all-rounder reach, amazing security features. No doubt, WhatsApp is being used by a majority of people, but its merger with Facebook has definitely put us in a state of worry.  On the other hand, Signal is certainly the most private and secure, starting to reach hundreds, with abundant of features, making it simply perfect for everyday use.


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