Signal – House Of Cards App Signal Is For Real

December 8, 2018

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Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered to keep your communication safe. We can’t read your messages or see your calls, and no one else can either.

Although the bar for realistic hacking scenes has been set by Mr. Robot, a show like House of Cards isn’t that far in combining strategic scheming with secretive technology. Season 5 embraces a slight realistic reference to Wikileaks, creating a soundIntel to make it look like voting centers, targeted by terrorists. A complete possible data breach free encrypted messaging application, Signal made a cameo, where Aiden Macallan and other characters are seen using the app.

There have been government-supplied leaks along with cards on flash drives, unwanted ads, assuring that our personal data attacks are actually happening.

Nestled amidst the humongous number of messaging applications, Signal a real messaging app with outstanding security features that actually work, such as end-to-end encryption, self-destructed messages or encrypted voice calls, while you are making calls through the application. (Many good things are on its way). To have a handful look at the versatilities of Signal, in this we will talk about every possible thing related to data privacy and application.

The conventional SMS message, exchanged to multiple phones, sets a warning alarm that our private data is being breached, government officials have issued orders for mass surveillance to intrude our personal data. In fact, an incident of Cambridge Analytica has put user’s security to threat in the U.S. The good news is that Signal enables you to use an encrypted key, so any third-party hacker cannot get his hands on your personal data.

In this real world, mass surveillance issued by the government to help fight against terrorist groups is often seeping into the privacy of ordinary citizens. Attackers can indeed encrypt any personal communication, but it’s not the case with Signal, as only the send the intended recipient owns the encryption key with which the message can be accessed. The application is compatible with every platform, leaving no scope for data attacks.

Signal offers end-to-end encryption for both calling and messaging. Only the sender and the recipient can decrypt or access the message. With the use of end-to-end encryption, users can simply not worry about anybody else, or not even Signal, reading the private messages.

How can we not talk about, Micah Lee’s article for The Intercept, comparing the security features of various applications including Signal, WhatsApp and Allo, declaring Signal as the amongst all. Lee also wrote, “In short, if a government demands that Open Whisper Systems hand over the content or metadata of a Signal message or a user’s contact list, it has nothing to hand over.”

The encryption messaging app of Signal has turned out to be is an effective choice for being the most secure and private alternative to conventional SMS messaging. Earlier it has also been addressed that the data privacy activist, Edward Snowden is also a user of Signal. With using the application for exchanging communications, end-to-end encrypted and self-destructing messages is an ideal choice in this security crisis.

A secure messaging solution like Signal has proved to offer all its users, sense of peaceful mind which is, in reality, a priceless solution in this uncertain data breaching climate.



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