Protecting against security threats with Signal app

September 6, 2019

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Privacy is something that is essential for digital users setting the humans apart. Data privacy is something that makes the citizens apart from dictatorship. People often tend to ignore their fundamental rights until and unless it becomes a necessity– when they get cyber attacked.

Data Surveillance has always been a part of life, but now it is getting gradually more invasive. The Government has started to eavesdrop, that is continuously increasing, being carried out in wide secrecy, and it is becoming very common nowadays.  To be honest, the last few years have instigated greater data surveillance, including wiretapping laws, mass domestic surveillance, and other intelligence reach.

With different processes in action, a lot of people are becoming more concerned about the fundamental freedoms and the constitutional rights.

Talking of the current scenario, nothing exists as what we can call as perfect data security. No matter where you are in this world, who you are, you need to consider few things to protect your data against security threats. Here in this article we will talk about how secure options like Signal that is extremely simple and absolutely free to use— to protect your data in this raging time of cyber attacks.

Your data privacy, depends entirely on how it is being secured and protected.

There are different users, even business organizations, facing complex security, making you worry about the tech companies tracking the personal data in order to serve the best (or to say selfish) kinds of third party ads. Even the government collects user’s data in bulk for their personal means. But with the facility like Signal, everyone can enjoy the security of their personal data, with end-to-end encryption.

While most of the applications nowadays are sharing your data with third party users, there are options like Signal that secure your data with proper end-to-end encryption on its servers in order to prevent any sort of data being read or hacked. To put it out loud, no other party, except the message sender and the receiver can see and have access to what is being stored, sent, or received– not even the company itself.

Usually, the only possible way to get affected by a security threat is to get attacked at the endpoint, but with applications like Signal the entire pipeline of communication is secured end at the end point, eliminating all the chances of getting attacked. This well assures that your data remains absolutely private.

It is very important to secure your device!

Your smartphone is the ultimate endpoint, which the cyber-attackers always to target. You carry your phone everywhere and usually holds the most of your personal and sensitive information.

Using Signal on your smartphone which is considered to be the most secure communication medium today. Modern and new technology that come handy with strong data security features, along with the implementation of end-to-end encryption, makes it a perfect choice for users. Signal encrypts as soon as the message is prepared for sending, after which not even the company itself can have access to it.


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