Making Your Data Unreadable to Whoever Steals It Might Be the Only Way to Keep It Safe

June 12, 2019

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We have entered an era where the ease of extensive connectivity have put us at a great risk of getting hacked or even more than that. When our private data falls into wrong hands, its after-effects can be quite devastating. Prominent data breaches and attacks have made the organizations on red alert for making the Data Unreadable to Whoever Steals It Might Be the Only Way to Keep It Safe.

While some of the most secured communication platforms like Signal can be very effective in safeguarding the conversations—essentially end-to-end encrypting the communications.

Encryption: It is a time-tested methodology which is gradually becoming an essential link in the networking chain. The process scrambles the text making it unreadable by anyone wanting to steal it, and it is becoming a must-have constituent in the security strategy for the ability to slow down and deter the hackers from stealing any sensitive information. A good data encryption is capable of deterring the investigations by FBI professionals, considered what damage it could cause for the company’s complex information.

Here in, this article we will talk about why making the data unreadable had become a necessity and how important encryption is.

Working of making the data unreadable:

The process of encryption is based on the ancient art of cryptography—i.e. making the plain text into scrambled, unreadable, and jumbled form. For the decryption of cipher text into normal text, you need to have an encryption key, which is a series of bits decoding the text. The key is made available only to the intended recipient.

End-to-end (E2E) encryption complicates the content of any message so that only the senders and the receiver can access it, offering complete encryption. The concept of E2E encryption is that it can easily tackle all the susceptibilities in the communication sequence: the message getting scrambles at the sender’s end, which can only be decrypted the encryption key.

While the IT security pursues protection of physical assets—databases, networked computers, servers, and more—data encryption safeguards the user’s private data living in between these assets.

Data encryption i.e. making the data unreadable to any third party is a powerful method of keeping the data safe, and since it is not impenetrable, it becomes a major restriction for hackers, making data safe and private. Don’t worry! Even if the data gets stolen, it will remain unreadable or nearly useless until it is encrypted.

If you are looking for a secure option offering complete encryption, delay no more and download Signal now.


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