Let’ us First Understand what is data privacy and why is it important? How is it different from security?

July 17, 2019

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Talking of today’s digital era, we definitely need to worry about cybersecurity. We are well aware of the reality that safety, security, and data privacy are the critical issues we need to talk about, especially when it comes to communications. In this article, we will understand what data privacy is and why is it important?   Explaining the important of privacy and security, and why they are important to the organization.

Security is all about safeguarding user’s data, where privacy refers to protection of user identity.

Data privacy states the protection against any unauthorized access of user’s data. Applications like Signal put security different controls in place for limiting the access of user’s data from any third-party wanting to intrude user’s privacy. The variety of features it offers makes it an ideal pick for data security.

Talking of data security, it refers to the protection of user-private details in order to safeguard information.

With the different technology advancements, and its increased usage, humans are becoming more and more dependent on it. This dependence, however, have made us more vulnerable to privacy threats like email hacks and identity theft.

Information system and data content have been compromised for years, but now we need to be switch to safe options like Signal for adequate security.

Unfortunately, security breaches are very common making it almost inevitable. As per a cyber crime report, “over 2 billion personal records got stolen in the U.S. alone. This strongly states the need of secure platform for ultimate cyber security.

In the coming years, we need to switch to options that are completely secure and private.

Signal is a platform that protects all your communications, offering end-to-end encryption.

This data transmission that takes place through Signal is extremely private and secure as not even Signal stores any sort of user’s data to allow any third-party to get access to it.

Also Signals offers various security features, like self-destructing messages, end-to-end encryption and more to offer its users a complete experience of data security.

Although people are aware of the mishandling of user’s data by Facebook, people are still using it. This needs to stop, as there are secure options like Signal offering various features to safeguard user’s data.

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