Key trends in designing for privacy and data protection app –Signal

August 13, 2019

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Every smartphone user worries about data leaks, but the supporting applications need to worry more. Why? Well, the biggest reason is that most of the digital users access most of their private data through mobile phones—and that depository becomes a sensational one-stop- target for cyber attackers. Data Encryption is an essential tool for the protection of data, which is why we need to consider options that follows the key trend of data security in designing their applications. Also, the price of not having any protection strategy can cost you quite big.

This scenario is a big issue and has become a nightmare. The data stored on a system’s server is open to anybody aiming to get through the exterior layers of security limit. Unfortunately, cyber attackers who are always looking for opportunities to get into the system, can easily hack the server and gain access to user’s information. So, what is the right thing to do? Look for an option that follows the key trends in designing the application for data privacy and data protection.

A lot of other companies are witnessing data breaches, and a lot of them don’t even know that the attackers are breaking into the systems.

If you are not sure about the strong security perimeter of the application you are using, claiming to guard your personal information, it time to switch to application- Signal, whose design is full-proof for privacy and data protection. The app stores the data in a way that is not valuable to any attacker, who breaks in. using clever mathematics for blocking the intrusion of any foreign body, Signal makes sure that the data remains only between the sender the intended recipient. Not even the company itself can have access to the messages, which makes it even more secure.

Finding a solution to this data security issue is even more important today because mobile devices routinely store more of employees’ data in the cloud. In order to feel more secure about mobile devices and people storing information remotely, you need to trust that the cloud can protect your data once it leaves the devices.

Following the key points in in designing for privacy and data protection app is very important for a secure communication. The simplest example of a secure and most private messaging platform is Signal. The encryption protocol and other key trends used to design Signal are so good that even other popular platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp are using the same privacy protocol. Users are paralyzed due to fear and are now looking for secure options like Signal to restrict any chance of getting the personal data leaked.

Yes! You need to take an immediate action too.

The first step is to download and install the application, by registering it with your phone number, after which all the communications shared through signal gets automatically encrypted.

The primary trick is to encrypt or scramble the data, and give the encryption key only to the sender and the recipient. This makes the information unreadable for any third-party, but useful to both the sender and the recipient.


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