Free Mobile Encryption Apps to Protect Your Digital Privacy

July 12, 2019

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Around the globe, there are billions of smartphone users, every single month. This massive figure also opens the gateways for hackers to intrude our private data, breaching our personal information. Every now and then, we hear of various data attacks, leading to the misuse of our private data.

Despite this increasing number of attacks hampering our smartphones, only one third of the them are actually doing something about it, i.e. switch to secure and protected options.

This means a majority of users are still missing out on the protection of data, while fixing the vulnerabilities and bugs.

Even though there are secure options like Signal offering end-to-end encryption, people are still not aware of it. But don’t worry, here in this article we will talk about the Free Mobile Encryption App- Signal, to Protect Your Digital Privacy

Seeing the current scenario, for those who are still not Signal users, it high time that you switch to this most private and absolutely free application now- boosting data security.

The encrypted messaging and voice-calling application, Signal is a sure-shot way for safe and completely private communication on your smart device. It delivers end-to-end encryption for securing all the communications. Also, it verifies the identity of the sender and the message recipient sharing the communication, along with the integrity of the channel being used.

Now popular platforms like, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, have also started offering end-to-end encryption. Yes, they make use of the open Whisper Systems protocol-Signal developer to provide end-to-end encryption. But you need to enable the feature manually.

Along with using a secure message platform, you should also adopt some more features, to eliminate any chance of getting attacked.

Always use a long and secure password, to restrict any third party user, accessing your data. Having a weak password is equal to giving a shout out to people passing by to come and have a look at your personal information, as you are serving them the opportunity to do so. In order to deal with this, it is recommended to make use of a strong and secure password to protect the private information. Yes, you’re right, it’s next to impossible, memorizing the long and unique passwords for different services you use. This is where a password manager steps in, helping you deal with the issue, by making you remember, just the master password.

Also, we often let the messages content show in our notifications. Anybody can pass by and check the message. To deal with this, the best way is to keep the information away from appearing on locked screen. You can do this by changing the lock-screen notifications in the settings option.

Make sure that you are using the application that offers end-to-end encryption. Do you know that there are application which claim to offer encryption but in reality, what they offer is encryption in transit — here your message gets decrypted on provider’s side which gets stored on the servers! But what if a hacker attacks on that server? The best option is to not take any risk and applications that offer—end-to-end encryption — that way, not the even the service provider can’t have access to your conversations.

Well, you know which one to pick, Yes! Signal is a messaging app with complete end-to-end encryption — with additional features in bonus;


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