Enforce data privacy controls inside and out – Signal App

June 26, 2019

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People nowadays who are more privacy conscious do realize the significance of secure communications.

Users of messaging apps have had enough by becoming victims of election campaigns, terrorist acts, or scheming of any illegal activities. But now all they need, is simply their data privacy online with the assurance of confidentiality in all their lawful communications.

Some of the best secure messaging apps, like Signal have immensely grown in popularity in these last few years. Also known as encrypted messengers, its demand has increased tremendously right after Snowden revelations in the year 2013. This demand of secure messaging options got fueled with concerns over mass surveillance programs by the government.

Is your data secure?

Secure messaging apps like Signal often Enforce data privacy controls inside and out essentially providing a means to communication via instant messages, audio or video calls in an end-to-end encrypted format.

This end-to-end encryption basically means that only intended parties of the communication can access the messages. No third party, not even Signal itself, can eavesdrop in between a communication. This app provides additional controls like self-destructing messages, encrypted audio and video to further enhance data secrecy.

The secure messaging app, Signal, is gradually becoming a big name under data privacy, and it is absolutely free.

A lot of Digital users are finding no further appeal in these popular messenger applications like WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger, especially after its privacy practices got severely exposed, Cambridge Analytica case. Telegram, an app created by a Russian entrepreneur reported to be being pressured by the Russian government officials.

Users are now resisting, and taking the lead in switching to options like Signal that Enforce data privacy controls inside and out, to protecting their communications. The app is designed by Open Whisper Systems and based on open source technology, with the only aim to make the communications secure and encrypted.

In the United States of America, right after the Wall Street Journal podcast, about “An App All the Rage Among Hack-Fearing Politician” reported a trend with increase in mobile app Signal users by a good percentage.

It doesn’t matter if you the president, prime minister, criminal or any law-abiding citizen respecting the online data privacy is vital, where secure messengers like Signal are provide you with great means of secure and private, communication.

Once you’ve installed Signal, you can easily chat with your friends or family, as you will feel like you’ve entered a privileged, private zone where you can communicate freely and carelessly that too absolutely free.

Well, an ideally secure messenger would be something that would provide, End-to-end encryption, adequate privacy policy, Open source code, Self-destructing messages, and yeah Signal provides it all.


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