Data Protection Confirmation by Signal Private Messenger

September 18, 2019

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Signal is one such messaging application, much better than WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or iMessage that is all geared up towards data privacy and security. In fact, it is so good that all its security measures are praised and used by whistleblower Edward Snowden recommending for complete data security—and obviously he knows the applications that are best for stopping any unwanted snooping.

Signal is absolutely free of cost and easy to use which is available for iOS, Android, and Chrome along with some extra security protocols, including the basic messaging tools that you need, this also includes emoji support, read receipts, audio and video calls and group chats.

Signal makes use of your mobile number for identifying you and your contacts. There are no new usernames/passwords that you need to remember, and straight in switch to enjoying secure communications. For Android devices, you also the facility of using Signal to share normal SMS messages to your contacts who even though are not the application users, but the normal messages won’t own a that similar level of security protection, as the ones shared between two Signal users.

Firstly, Signal protects your messages, chats. Everything you share is encrypted, making it quite hard for any third party user to intercept the data unless he or she is the specified recipient. What’s more to this wonderful application? Well, Signal does not store any data, so the government and third party agencies obviously cannot request for, eliminating all the possibilities of getting leaked.

You can also set the messages to disappear automatically according to the contact basis. For Android devices, open the menu option inside a conversation i.e. three dots, tap the Disappearing message option and set the time limit as per your choice. For iOS, tap on the banner given at the top of conversation and repeat the same procedure. Do keep in in mind that the conversations can also be captured by taking a screenshot, so make sure that phone in in right hands, if it’s not with you.

And the cherry on top is that the code is open source. This means that any random user can have a look at the source code of the application—but this doesn’t mean that hackers can easily break the Signal’s encryption, which is to be honest unbreakable. It means that the security experts and other users can verify that the Signal is continuing its goal of high security standards.

Signal is not at all difficult to setup and use, which is just like any other messaging application—in fact it is much better than that, with the level of security and data privacy it offers.

Every security researcher after having a look at the high level of data security offered by Signal has given a big thumbs up to the application looking from a security and data privacy point of view, and the underlying technology i.e. the privacy protocol is now being used by various other popular applications too, like WhatsApp.


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