Best encrypted messaging app 2019 for Android

April 3, 2019

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With some tremendous advancements in technology, people exchange hundreds of messages almost every day. But, do we know about anything how the message gets transited, after being sent? Are we sure enough that it is it not getting intercepted by a third-party user? Well, the reality is, we are living in the age of data logging and internet surveillance. Organizations and agencies want the access to user’s private communications. Here we will talk about the encrypted messaging and which application is the best pick for end-to end encrypted messaging solution for Android.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

A lot of instances like The Cambridge Analytica controversy often raised concerns among internet users. To deal with such issues, a phenomenal rise in some of the Best encrypted messaging app 2019 has been witnessed.  Apps like Signal focus on keeping it secret, and safe, with the privacy kept intact by its launch of end-to-end encryption services.

End-to-end data encryption basically explains how no data can be stored by the service provider, while you share the messages on their server, this means that only the people you are having a conversation with can have access to the message. This also means, that nobody is involved in between, neither the developers nor the government can have access to the communications.

With a lot of app available for secure data encryption, Signal is the best encrypted messaging app 2019 for Android. The app is safe to download, providing the utmost security to the data.

Signal keeps it secret, keep it safe, as confidentiality is extremely critical for all the user’s communication.

Being among the very few apps to entitle a validation from security expert Edward Snowden, Signal Private Messenger has topped to be the most secure messaging application for both Android and iOS users. It makes use of an advanced end-to-end data encryption for securing the messages sent to other Signal users.

Signal Private Messenger is absolutely free, hassle-free and easy to use. Also, the best part about it is that the application is open source. Therefore, technology experts can easily inspect and verify the application’s code for assuring the authenticity of Signal’s security features.

There are other features like highly encrypted voice calls, group chats, media transfer, archive functionality; and all these do not require any PIN codes or other login credentials. Also, the messages can self-destruct after a set amount of time.

Moreover, you can also use the app on your computer with its new Chrome browser plugin. The app is excellent to use and worth a try.

Download it for Android and iOS.


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