A New Method for Establish Liability for Data Breaches

August 23, 2019

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It is like almost every day we read about one or the other data breach taking place. From credit card data and ATM PIN’s being stolen from the largest platforms in United States to a personal health record, all kinds of data is falling into the mischievous hands.

This trend is very likely to continue as a lot of companies are failing to convincingly assess the systems for various security flaws. Hackers are always finding out ways to find the loopholes to get into the system and attack on user’s data.

It is the need of hour to focus on cyber security, responses made to data breaches and an effective action on data privacy. Platforms like Signal offer the best in this field being an expert in digital privacy and cybersecurity by offering an end-to-end encrypted service, enabling them to understand the hacker strategies, techniques, better assisting complete data security.

Whenever a data breach take place, the most obvious question that pops in your head is whose personal data got attacked.

Data breaches that involve release of personal data of millions of Americans have become a usual routine. Any business organization does not pay sufficient attention to the cybersecurity matters despite all the warnings that cybersecurity measures are inadequate and therefore failing to avoid a data breach that needs to be remediated by the proper attention to any such warnings. As the repercussions of these incidents, the companies need to report these breaches to the users whose private data has been possibly compromised. Often, the companies offer free monitoring services to the affected customers for one year or two.

The companies acquire the expenses in the name of the data breach along with providing the credit monitoring for the users who have signed up, and approved spending money for taking the additional data security measures. The insurance rates may vary. However, users with sensitive personal data are still facing the situation where they have to compromise. Companies are responsible for privacy breaches often declaring it as a mere compromise of private data—the individual need to suffer from an actual loss, be it financial or any other, for the compromise to be consider it as an injury.

The US law finds it difficult to assign any dollar values to the intangible issues. One of the frequent beneficial tip for determining the real value of the quantity about which only a little is known for starting with the extreme and seeing if it is really possible for narrowing the range within the value that is likely to be set up. This method do not yields any precise value, but a range within the quantity that is found better than assigning the value of zero to the quantity for anything is not known.

The worry caused by a data breach to a user, then that company whose inadequate data security led to a breach need to hold complete responsibility for that sort of a harm.

The appropriate evaluation of any such harm need to be assessed by the determination of a reasonable means worrying about the various consequences of any data breach.


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